Saturday, September 1, 2012

This Doesn't Take God by Surprise

There is so much going on right now. It's getting down to the details.

And it is so hard not to get stressed about it. I don't know why stress is such a natural response.

I think it has to do with taking it upon myself and not relying on God.

I mean, we have timelines that we are working with. Things have to be ready for September 9. That is our first service, and we want it to be perfect. And some of the things we have been working on are not at our mercy...we've done our part, but the rest is out of our control.

But I keep reminding myself that these timelines and delays aren't taking God by surprise.

He's completely aware of what we need and when we need it...

And no matter when it happens, He will be glorified.

We need to do our part, but we can rest assured that if we are doing that, God is going to come through.

This time right now is a huge test of our faith...not just for me and Lee or our family, but for our whole launch team.

Life is still going on...regular life can't wait on hold forever. And we know that after the craziness of starting in September and working through everything, we will get into what is a "normal" routine for us...but the excitement of getting started is building every moment of every day!!!!

And it is exciting to know that, even in the hardest, most frustrating moments, God is and will be glorified...and I need to remember to respond in a way that He will be glorified in me. After all, everything that is going on isn't taking Him by surprise...


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart, I always learn so much. Also, I love your writing style, it inspires me. Lastly, we have committed to fasting for you guys for a successful launch day!

    1. Thank you Christian!! I appreciate your kind words, and I'm humbled by your prayers and fasting! We are believing for such great things, and it's an awesome feeling knowing others are believing with us!! The Blakneys love you!!!