Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Bon Bon Day

Have you ever had a bon bon day?

My friend Shonda and I talked about these days...where our husbands come home and see the house the way that it is and think to himself, "My wife must have sat on the couch watching tv and eating bon bons all day..."

because the house is in much worse shape than it was when he left in the morning.

Shonda and I both have wonderful husbands, and we know that they probably don't think that because they would never dare say that to us moms who have 2 small children at home.

But it feels that way.

There was no sense of accomplishment. Nothing seemed to get cleaner...only messier...

Brennan is getting more teeth in right now...which means that he is soooo fussy. I literally could not put him down, even to sleep, which was often interrupted by his sweet older sister who was very concerned about his constant crying and fussiness.

Days like these are hard. Thankfully they are not every day of the week, but sometimes it feels like a week in one day.

Being a mom is the hardest, yet most rewarding job I've ever done. It takes a lot to stay at home with the kids and not go crazy. There's definitely not a dull or boring moment.

I'm thankful that my husband appreciates the job that I do, and he doesn't get upset when I do have a bon bon day. It makes the times when he comes home and the house is clean even more special.

It's important to focus on the positive...even on a bon bon day...

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  1. I've had many a Bon Bon day even now that the kids are older. Having a godly husband who helps shoulder the load makes it easier to keep these days in perspective. I love how you embrace the season you're in, with no apology. It inspires me, Bri!