Friday, April 26, 2013

Louisiana Lagniappe

I've MIA on my blog lately...It was because I spent 2 weeks in Louisiana...

It felt good to be back.

Honestly, part of it felt like I haven't been gone for almost a year now. Some things just haven't changed much at all.

I really enjoyed being at Crossroads Church in Lafayette for the Joie de Vivre Conference. Connection Church ladies, get ready...we're going to have a Joie de Vivre Conference of our own one day soon!

I walked away from that conference inspired and refreshed...ready to go back to minister to the wonderful ladies in our community!!

It was great to see hug necks and show off my kiddos...

And it was absolutely wonderful being with my parents. I'm so thankful for Skype and FaceTime...I get to "see" them a lot more often than I would if it wasn't for the internet...but there's something special about being in their home.

I've enjoyed my mom's cooking...hearing my dad play with my kids...and watching my mom put my littlest one to sleep. There's nothing else like that.

It was a good time had by all.

I know that Lee and I are where we are supposed to be in Colorado. We have followed God's call, just like our parents have taught us to do.

I'm thankful that I can get to my parents house in less than 3 hours on a plane...instead of 24 hours in a car!!!

Flying back by myself with 3 kids really wasn't bad at all. Bella had a minor meltdown due to another tooth coming loose and bleeding a little (she's totally my girl and gets freaked out by anything to do with blood), and Brennan's meltdown came at the end because he didn't want to stay buckled.

Other than that, we made it. No one was left behind or lost...not even toys. And no one got really sick on the plane (which is usually me...but I made it!) And I'm thankful for the super nice flight attendant who helped me fill water cups and make sure Bella was ok!! (Thanks Southwest Airlines!!)

And I know that I can do this again. And I plan on it.

I love Colorado. It is our home...but there is a special place in our hearts for Louisiana. We'll be visiting again as soon as we can!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fancy Nancy Nightmare

I tried going to the library this past week. 

There was an activity I had seen advertise on a Facebook page...

 A "Fancy Nancy Tea Party..." 

Bella has a few Fancy Nancy books, and she's all about dressing up and being fancy, so I thought this would be great for her. 

So, we made it to the local library...our first venture there...

And I found out that I was supposed to RSVP for this event...

I don't even have a local library card yet...this is our first visit there!! So, we walked away from the sign up table. 

The librarian came to find me to tell me that there was room for Bella.

So we went back to the area where Bella was able to make a bracelet out of candy and fruitloops, a cute crown she was able to decorate...and then go in for the tea party...

There were cute cookies, fruit kabobs, fancy sandwiches...

And then there was Brennan...

He wasn't ready to sit on the floor for the tea party. He was ready to go back to the puzzles and kids books...

And he let me know that by trying to escape the room...even though they gave him some cookies and fruit too. 

So, after the first Fancy Nancy book was read, I left. I couldn't take it. I was trying to hold an infant and keep a toddler occupied...just wasn't working. 

So we went back to the kids area. 

My kids were fine until Bella saw another girl with a butterfly place setting...and Bella realized she didn't have hers...and she hadn't taken a picture in the photo booth...

So, meltdowns started then. 

I was dunzo. I walked out of the library with a drooling infant, a screaming toddler, and a pouting princess. 

I was so frustrated on my way home. I felt trapped all over again. Like I can never leave my house with my kids. It's just a nightmare. 

We got home, and Bella went out on the back deck. 

She said, "I"m done, done, done going to the library." 

I told her that was fine. We weren't going to go again any time soon.

She said, "I'm not talking to you...I'm talking to Jesus." 

Honestly, that made me smile. I am happy that she knows she can bring her frustrations to Jesus. I know He heard her. I'm so glad she's developing her own relationship with Him.

I don't know when I'll actually venture to the library again...but I'm thankful to know that in a moment of frustration, my little girl talks to Jesus.