Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Life is a 3 Ring Circus...

I feel like my life is a 3-ring circus...

The constant activity of 3 very active little ones keeps me going in 3 different directions...

Bella has been in a gymnastics class for 3 weeks now...she absolutely loves it. LOVES IT. She practices her cartwheels and handstands all of the time...all day...every day...I know she even does them in her sleep. 

And while this hour long class is taking place at this huge, amazing gym...I spend my time trying to watch her (because she occasionally looks over to make sure I am)...and then chasing 2 other children in the small area.

I feel like I am in a mud pit trying to chase greased pigs. 

That's just 1 hour out of 1 day of the a public place.

At home it is just as crazy. 

I hear the word "MOM!" yelled multiple times...even if I am sitting right next to them. I have to be looking right at them for them to stop...

And sweet mother of pearl...if I am trying to attempt something like finish loading the dishwasher or put away the mountain of laundry, someone is going to do their best to prevent that from happening. 

Home school is another circus...again with the constant need for me to be right constant attention...and I feel like my head is spinning in a million directions. 

My sweet friend Josie and I talk pretty often...I met her several years ago...when her kids were the ages that my kids are now. She encourages my heart so much. She tells me often of the moments that have become memories. 

I know it is not really a circus. I have GREAT kids. They are just active and full of life. They love me and want me to be present for every moment of their days...and if I am not careful now, they will not want me to be a part of their days in the near future. 

So, if you see me around...or you call me...or FaceTime least you can be entertained by our 3 ring circus!