Monday, February 25, 2013

Joli Women's Ministry:: Favorite Things Party

One of my roles here in Colorado is to lead the Joli Women's Ministry of Connection Church. 

I absolutely love this!! I get to organize events for us to get together to get to know each other better, have fun, and grow spiritually...

Our first event was meeting at Arts on Fire, a local pottery place where you can pick your own piece of pottery and paint it. That was so much fun...and as I write this, I'm actually drinking hot chocolate out of the mug I painted that night!!!  

Our second event was just this past Friday night. We had a "Favorite Things Party!" 
(*Special thanks Ms. Mittie from Lafayette for giving me this wonderful idea!!!)
Favorite Things Party

Here is the directions I gave the ladies:

1. Choose 1 of your most favorite things that costs $5 or less 
This can be your best kept secret cleaning product, beauty product, special treat...anything that is YOUR favorite.
2. Buy 3 of those same item. (Shouldn't cost you more than $15)
3. Bring those 3 items to the meeting place on Friday night. They don't have to be wrapped because you'll be showing everyone what it is!
4. You'll be going home with 3 new items that could become your new favorites!!!
So on Friday night, we had each lady write her name on 3 pieces of paper and put it in a bowl. Then we drew numbers to see what order we would go in. (Mrs. Mittie said that she numbered name tags, and they went in the order on their name tags...I just didn't et name tags for our event.) Each lady then was able to introduce herself and explain why she brought her favorite thing...and then pull 3 names for who she would give it to!
Friday was a wonderful night! We had snacks and punch as we socialized before...and then we had a ton of fun doing the exchange! Some ladies even squealed with delight as their name was pulled!! It was like winning 3 different times!!! It was so neat to learn more about each other...and to hear about some great products too!! 
The ladies loved it so much, they are already talking about when we can do this again!!!!

I came home with Rose Salve (never heard of before!!), a Shine Eraser, and a hand-made crocheted headband!!! So fun!!!!

This is a fun event to do with your friends...and an opportunity to invite new ladies to be a part of your life - this doesn't have to be done with a church can totally do this on your own!!!
(If you would like to do this for your women's ministry or with your friends, and you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me!! I'd love to help how I can!!!!)


  1. Awesome idea Bri! I'm so glad you are heading that ministry! Praise God for bringing you exactly where you need to be for those ladies of Connection Church! I know there are more wonderful things to come!

    1. thanks Tammy!! I am thoroughly enjoying it!!!!! :)

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    xoxo. kylie

  3. Looks like you guys had fun! Found you through the GFC Hop. I'm your newest follower! Hope you'll stop by and follow back! :)

    1. thanks so much!! It was a lot of fun!!!

  4. thanks for posting this! I'm "stealing" it!

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  6. Great idea! Sounds like so much fun....