Monday, August 13, 2012

I Want a Marriage Like That...

I feel so blessed to have a great marriage. Sure, it's not easy...there are some rough moments and days, but really, I believe God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and marriage.

While we were at UL Chi Alpha, Lee & I would often have students tell us how much they admired our they hoped that some day they would have a marriage like ours.

These students came from a variety of backgrounds...some from Christian homes, some from broken homes, some from miraculous situations...

And no matter what kind of background they came from, Lee & I still lived an authentic, healthy, attractive lifestyle that these students wanted to have for themselves.

We have been blessed to have parents who love God and love each other deeply...and this has set a priceless foundation for our own marriage.

But also, we've looked to other couples who have marriages like we wanted to have...and not just marriages but families as well...and when those couples are close enough to us...we allow them to speak into our lives.

Chris & Felicity Buckel have been a constant source of encouragement to Lee & me. They have spoken positive words to us about finances, ministry, family, life, and love. I know that every encounter we have with them, we will walk away better people...encouraged people.

Paul & Cyndi Burke have been long- distance mentors to us for many, many years...they have spoken into our lives even though we don't see them on a regular basis. We know that they believe in us...they love us...they support us in what we do...they show us this by encouraging us when we are with them and when we are over a thousand miles away. They are the people whom we can call when we are having a tough time, and they will walk through it with us. And they are awesome at celebrating our victories with us too. Their words and actions bring life to us. Lee & I are better spouses to each other because of our relationship with them.

If you are married or not, you can find marriages that you want to emulate...and write down the things that you admire and want for yourself. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and build you up...who will speak the truth to you, even when it hurts...who will challenge you to be a better person and a better spouse.

Then others can say about you...I want a marriage (or a life) like that...

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