Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ordinary Days Count...

My sweet friend Jessica Blood recently sent me a book that she read and wanted me to discuss with her! Yes, she's that amazing and thoughtful of a friend!

The book is called Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman...

The subtitle is small-moment living in a fast-moving world...

The book came to mind as I was sweeping the floor for the 3rd time today. I literally thought to myself am I ever not going to clean the same messes 5 times a day???

I know the answer to that...I know it won't be forever. I have heard countless women in my life who have said that they miss the days that I am currently in. Their smiles and stories of their time in this season do bring me comfort. Most of the women I talk to speak with joy and almost a sense of longing to go back to those days.

I picked the book back up today...for as avid of a reader as I used to be...that is something that has gotten harder for me with little kids. (I can't tell you how many times I was interrupted reading as well as while writing this!!!)

Emily quotes Wendy M. Wright who wrote a book called The Time Between...She says Wendy "challenges our usual definition of the word ordinary."
It does not mean what you might think: boring, uneventful, undistinguished, everyday, ordinary. In fact, it means 'counted time.' The word ordinary comes from the word ordinal, to count. 
I feel like my life is full of what I might think of "ordinary days."

Boring. Uneventful. Undistinguished.

But these days count too.

Washing the same dishes. Sweeping up the same crumbs. Folding the same clothes.

It's not just about doing these simple duties. It's about my attitude while doing them.

God has been challenging me focus on being a better manager of my home. Truly taking care and managing our house. Nurturing our children.

I want to be a joyful manager.

I want my girls to know that there is joy and beauty of being a homemaker. And if that is something that they desire and God blesses them with, they can find joy in it too. I want Brennan to have a great example as he begins searching for a godly wife.

What I do today counts for their tomorrow. It counts for my future too.

*yes, this is an affiliated link! If you click on it and purchase this book, I will make a small percentage of it. :)

Friday, March 11, 2016

3 Things About Being a Mom of Little Ones

1) I feel like I am always fixing food. Breakfast. Snack. Lunch. Snack. Dinner. and usually a before bed snack too. The constant request for food is draining at times. I know that I won't always be required to fix food...but when they are little, it's not an option. And their little metabolism is running full speed with all that they require the fuel of food to keep them going. 
But oh my gosh...I feel like they just had a snack and now they are asking when it's lunch time! 

2) Potty-training is disgusting. Thankfully the accidents have been fewer as each day passes, but it seems like there will be one off day when all I am doing is cleaning the kid...the clothes...the floor. And Breelee refuses to use the big toilet...she just wants to use her little potty...and washing it out makes me thankful for indoor plumbing! 

3) Homeschool seems chaotic. Today, when I was working at the table next to Bella, Breelee pulled up a chair to sit between me and her. She wanted to be doing exactly what Bella was doing. I know this is a great way for Breelee to learn...and Bella was fine with it and even snuggled up to her at one point. It's been a goal of mine to teach them to wait to talk while someone else is talking. I used to say "Don't interrupt..." and then I realized they don't know what the word interrupt means! I have to teach them to not talk while the person is talking first. Whew. That's an ongoing lesson in this house. 

I know this won't last forever. It is really hard at times to think that it will be different while I'm in this season. I try my best to embrace the moments. To enjoy the laughter that I hear...the sweet small voices (when they aren't screaming)...the snuggles that I get...

Be encouraged moms!! Your job is important! 

But for now, it's time to go clean up a mess and get lunch on the table!