Thursday, December 30, 2010

Facts & Ironies

Facts about me & Ironies of my life (and possibly yours too):

* I am drawn like a uber magnet to the expensive things. If there is a collection of purses at TJ MAXX, and I can't see the brand or the pricetag, I will still pick out the expensive one. It happens. A lot. And not just with purses. (I've been in a I need more purses mood lately)

* I seem to over-season or under-season food when I cook. I have a hard time getting it just right. Yes, I use the recipe, but some of the recipes I've been given don't have certain amounts. You know, a pinch of this, a splash of that. Yeah, I'm not good at measuring those. I know it takes practice, but I have no depth perception and that makes it tough!

* I love office supplies! Oh my word, do I! New pens are my weakness. Sharpies make me smile. I find ways to use them. I love my iPhone and all of the ways that I can make lists, but there's nothing like writing with a new pen. I love the fresh pages of a brand new notebook. And binders...I just love binders! Add dividers and I'm in heaven!! :) I know it seems extreme, but I really do love this stuff!

* There's about a 15 minute period in my day when I feel like I can't breathe. It's right before Bella's naptime. She's tired and wants me to hold her. Usually at this time, Brennan is ready to nurse, so Bella sits as close to me as she possibly can. I do feel a little suffocated at that moment, but then it's over...she's in her bed and he usually falls asleep too. It's then that I catch my breath.

* I had a pair of NineWest shoes that I got from Marshalls. I loved these shoes. They were so comfortable. I wore them all the time when I was a teacher. One of the straps broke, so I threw them away. I didn't know what they were called, but if I would have, I think I would have bought them at full price because they were so stylish and comfortable. Sylvia, my cousin, found them at the same store a year later...they were in her size not mine. And there were no more there.

Just thought I'd do something a little different in my blog. :) Feel free to let me know something about you!!


  1. so I just totally busted out laughing at this. I guess the one that I laughed at was the office supplies one because I'm just like you. I have a drawer full of nothing but new pens, sharpies and highlighters :) oh and I have a purse obsession too. Guess that's what happens when you have a niece that's basically a sister :D
    Love you!

  2. I love a new calendar. I like to fill in my menus and chore charts for the month. I like wide lead mechanical pencils and big red erasers.

  3. that was me aunt rhonda not your mom still learning

  4. Love love office supplies myself...I think thats one of the main reasons that I love teaching is I get to have new supplies every semester!!! I have a stash of Sharpies and I LOVE the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the smell of Post-its just do it for me!!
    As for as the purse addiction, well that must run in the blood. You should see the new one I just cute and I had to laugh at the comment about picking the most expensive ones at TJ Maxx. How is it that when I go there it never fails that I pick up the purses and shoes that are $100 or more and thats TJ Maxx's price!!!! haha I guess we just have good taste :)
    Oh, and what size shoe do you wear? I still have those shoes in a size 8 and there yours if they fit...I don't think I ever worn them.
    Love you

  5. Cute blog! Fun facts!! I love, love, love the smell of plastic, like a new shower curtain liner. As a kid I had this my little pony tent that fit on top of my bed. I used to get right up next to it and sleep, so I could smell it all night long!