Thursday, December 2, 2010

Smiles Full of Love

There is nothing that can compare to when one of my babies looks me in the eyes and smiles. Those eyes are so full of love and admiration. It just flows out of them. Their eyes and their smile say it all. It's an amazing experience I get to re-live every day...a moment that is treasured in my heart. They may not understand the words "I love you," but the look in their eyes says more than those words can convey.

I often think about my relationship with God...and how I want to look at Him with the same look that I get from my children. I don't want to continually have my hand out waiting on something from Him. I don't want to pout or pitch a fit when I don't get my way. I want to look at Him with love and adoration...just enjoying being with Him. Just to smile when I reach out because I know that He is there. I want that every matter what the day looks like.

My babies love me...and I love them. Deeply. Bella is just now starting to say the words, "I love you." And it is so precious to hear. And it gets funny when she says, "I love you, cup..." or "I love you, bath." But when I see the look in her eyes and the smile on her face, I know that she is expressing love far beyond what her words are saying. I want God to feel my love for Him like that.

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