Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ohhh...OK...Homeschool Reactions...

We are homeschooling our children.

There are all kinds of reactions we get whenever we say that we are doing this...


"I could never do that..."

"At least you have a background in teaching..."

"But Bella is so is she going to make friends?"

Lee and I have thought about it and prayed about it a lot. It is what is right for our family.

I know that our kids don't understand right now why we've chosen this path...and to be honest, Bella is the only one who knows the difference.

She went to an amazing MDO (Mother's Day Out) in Broussard, Louisiana before we moved to Colorado, and then she went to an amazing junior kindergarten program here in Colorado for 2 years...and part of us holding her back one year there led us to our homeschooling decision.

Bella loves people. LOVES people. She's an extreme extrovert, which is hard for her introverted momma. But her daddy sure does get her.

Thankfully we are going to have the opportunity to put her in gymnastics this fall...Brennan in karate...and eventually we will get them in year-round swimming lessons! That is the goal.

And we will be in control of the environment that they are in.

Sure, I'm not going to lie...I do think it would be nice to get a daily "break" while they are at school.

I would get a lot more done around my house and for my business.

But this is the best decision for us. The sacrifice is worth it.

I know that this is not a fit for every family. But it is a fit for ours.

Lee works most that would be a whole day that Bella would be home and her daddy would not. But now we get to enjoy his midweek day off. We can go camping, go on vacation, and live our life by our design...not by a school calendar.

So, here we go! I am spending this week preparing. I am writing out what we are going to accomplish as a family, and what we are going to accomplish individually!