Friday, February 22, 2013

Guest Post:: I Prayed for this Messiness - Melissa's Story

I'm excited to say that this is my first guest post!!! 

I've known Melissa for several years...and thanks to social media, we've been able to keep up with each other's lives! She's been a huge encouragement to me in my blogging world...

I saw this post on Facebook, and it inspired me...

*In the comments, she corrected it herself by saying that she wouldn't want it any other way...

And after talking to Melissa and reading her blog Hannah's Oath, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to have my first guest post on my blog!!!

So, here is a little from Melissa - she's telling her story of why the messiness is so valuable to her now...
We have been married for 5.5 years. We were married for about 2 years when we started trying to conceive. We tried and prayed and prayed for almost 2 years to have a baby naturally....I then finally went to go see an obgyn and then a fertility specialist. We went through about 6 rounds of fertility treatment. Finally on the 7th round, we had an intrauterine insemination along with some fertility meds and then got pregnant after 3 years of praying and hoping. We couldn't believe it!!! 
All the heartache I had endured for those 2+ years finally melted away. Well, actually I think I was in denial that I was pregnant for a while. After many yeas of heartaches, it was hard to change my mindset. I had spent so many years watching my friends have their first, second, third children...the countless baby showers, menstrual periods, failed fertility treatments...they were all so very painful. And not to mention, i am a labor and delivery nurse, so i was surrounded by it all the time. i felt so alone and isolated. I felt even Jeremy couldn't understand my pain. 
I often pray now that God will never allow me forget those feelings, because I want to always remember where He has brought us from. He is so very good. He gave us our angel!!!!


Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your story!!! You can read more by Melissa by checking out her blog Hannah's Oath...(and she has a super cute layout too!!! :)

If there are any ladies or couples out there who are struggling with the longing caused by infertility, please feel free to leave a comment (even anonymous) or email me...I'd love to pray with you about your personal journey...


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