Friday, January 28, 2011

My Newest Inspiration - My Wedding Ring

I woke up thinking today is February 1st. I can start something new's the beginning of the month. Honestly, though, I can start something new any day that I wake up. It's a new day. Sure, there's things that have carried over from yesterday. Things that I didn't accomplish yesterday that I need to do today. But today is a new day. It doesn't have to look like yesterday. And it doesn't have to look like tomorrow. It's today.

I know that this is a simple concept, but I just have remind myself of this. It's a new day. The Bible says that God has new mercies for us every day. So, today, there are new mercies for me. I may have been a jerk yesterday, but today is different. I don't have to live in regret of yesterday. I can ask for forgiveness, and then move on. It's a new day. I don't have to live in guilt of that. I can move on.

I still want to run a 5k. It's not happening as quickly as I would like it to. We haven't looked for a good running area around our house. It's just an excuse. But my new desire is to be able to wear my wedding ring again. My finger is still too big for it. I keep trying it on in hopes that it will fit. I refuse to get it resized because it has been almost too big for me, even before this last pregnancy. I'm ready to wear it. So, this is going to require a change in my diet (less sodium) and also exercise.

The thing about putting this on my blog is that it leaves me open to accountability...other people see it. I can say I'm going to do these things, but once they are written down, there is a better chance of it happening. It's been 5 months now since Brennan entered the outside's time for me to get back into my pre-preggo clothes and beyond.

The first time I really lost a lot of weight - really it was a lot of inches - happened after college. I was a size 12 when I graduated from college. I wasn't complaining...I didn't really care, but I had gained weight during college. That's a whole different story. When I was teaching at the middle school, I started going to a yoga/pilates class twice a week at the YMCA in Buras. I started eating salads at lunch. I lost inches! The realization came to me at the Louisiana Assemblies of God Youth Convention...It was when the mall was rented out and open only for convention students from 10 pm - midnight or something like that. Anyways, I was in the GAP trying on a jean skirt that was on sale. I tried on an 8 and it was loose. So, I asked Lee to get me a 6. He flung it over the top of the changing room door...and I tried it on...and it fit perfectly. I started screaming "I fit in a 6." My friends were so happy for me. I was so happy for me!!! The next day, I wore the skirt to the Friday services of youth convention. I had a girl come up to me and ask, "Is that your size 6 skirt?" She had heard me screaming in the store.
That was such a good moment for me. I want to have that feeling again. I know that I can get there; it's just going to take me a little more time. I'm almost 10 years older and have had 2 kids. that's a big difference!! But, I am ready for the challenge. I'm ready for that good feeling once again...wearing my wedding ring and fitting into a smaller size. Ok, pilates video, here we go!!!


  1. Hey Bri!

    I know it s has been Way Too Long, but I figured, a comment here gets the ball rolling.... I am with you on this particular journey at this particular time. February is a major month for me in terms of weight loss effort. I have been building momentum, and now, it's full speed ahead. my birthday is in five weeks-- so I am telling myself "it's only for five weeks." Good Luck!

  2. You Can Do IT!!!!!! Im with you...I want to be 130 and I was on my way and then I had my B-Day weekend and got a lil bit of a set back. But its a new week and a new day and a new month and I will do it and so will you !!! Here's to getting that ring back on (and to me just getting one haha!!) Love ya!

  3. I would love to live close to a place to work out, I need to get out just to get mommy away time. And I think yoga/pilates would be up my ally.

  4. hey Erica!! so good to hear from you!! I hope that you have much success in your 5 week goal!!!

    Syl, don't go to extremes to get to your goal! :)

    Jessica, I know what you mean. I really miss going to a class. It's hard. And it's too expensive to go to a place here that has classes. I do have free access to classes offered at UL, but it's hard hard hard to get away!!!