Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's a....(baby announcement!!!) the hustle and bustle of everything...we forgot to make a major announcement!!!!!!

It's a....GIRL!!

We were so surprised with this news...I (along with Bella) was certain that it was a boy. I've been really sick like I was with Brennan. But, every pregnancy is different.

It was really neat seeing HER for our ultrasound. She was moving around just enough. At one point it seemed like her hand was stuck to her nose, and the technician said that it seemed like she was looking for her thumb. The next time around we saw her sucking her thumb - a first out of the Blakney bunch. It was very precious.

All of her organs are normal and functioning perfectly. She is a healthy girl - just like we've been praying for!

At another point, the technician asked, "Does anyone play music? The way she's moving her fingers looks like she's playing guitar. Ya'll must listen to a lot of music...she's hearing something in there."

This had to be the coolest thing ever. The technician had no idea that we were literally about to move 1300 miles from there to be worship leaders at a new church. Unbelievable.

It's been neat feeling her more...knowing that she's in there.

We don't have a name yet. We're thinking of keeping it in the "B" range.

I found a huge bag of clothes right before we moved. It was in Bella's closet and just didn't make it out for the yard sale. I decided to keep it since we would be finding out just a few days later...and sure enough, I've got some girl clothes for our little girl!!!!!!!!!

God knows what He's doing. Bella will be a wonderful big sister...she is already so helpful. Brennan will have fun being the only boy...I know he and his daddy will be super close!

Our family is growing. God is good to us. Our adventure is changing and developing every day. We know that God is in control and we will never, ever go without. Ever. That's a comforting, reassuring feeling.

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