Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We Made It to Colorado!!!

well...we are here. And was it ever a long trip getting here.

We figured it up, and with unexpected traffic, we were in the car for about 22 hours.

That's a long time. And I don't know if we would have made it without Hope Taylor. I get extremely car sick...but she was able to take care of my kids with ease as I drove 1300 miles.

Another part of the trip that was unexpected was that Brennan got sick. Really sick. Like he just kept throwing up in the car. It was awful. Thankfully this didn't phase Hope very much and she was able to take good care of him. He started feeling a little better on Saturday night at the hotel, and then slept most of the 3 1/2 hours it took us to make the remainder of our trip.

It was a long time to be in the car. But there was a party to celebrate us on Sunday night. The Connection Church launch team members came over to give us "Colorado Necessities" gifts: lots of lotion, gum, chapstick, and water. It is definitely dry up here.

But we made it. Our new adventure begins.

And on Monday we brought Hope to the airport...a very emotional time for all of us. She is our family. And the last attachment we had to our life in Lafayette. Lots of tears were shed...

We came back to our temporary home at Shawn & Amy Reine's and had dinner with them. And as the night went on, Lee started not feeling well. We all went to bed, and sometime around 3 in the morning, he, Bella & I all started vomiting. It was horrible. I mean horrible. I wasn't even that sick during the first part of this pregnancy. I was in bed all day Tuesday. Every time I tried to get up, all I could do was lay back down.

It was not the ideal way to begin our adventure, but definitely memorable!

We are feeling better today, and we are looking forward to discovering more of Colorado.

And we are settling into our new "home" - Bella came downstairs and said, "I'm ready for a nap," as she laid on her air mattress and fell sound asleep. That's the peace of God.

We are still looking for housing and a job. We are interviewing with an apartment community program soon, and if that doesn't work out, we are looking for a rent house. Lee is applying for all kinds of jobs, but thankfully, a lot of our support team members are staying with us for one more year. This is such a blessing in this transition, as well as a great thing for beginning the church - Lee will have the ability to focus on what he needs to do to be the worship leader and associate pastor.

This is a whole new experience for our family. All of it is.

We are seeing God's faithfulness and His abundant blessings on us.

We have been welcomed into a new community. A new team to work with to build the Kingdom of God.

Yes, we miss Lafayette and the comforts of "home" - especially when we were sick. But this is our new home. This is where we have been called to be. And we will embrace all that this new adventure has for us.

We are expecting great things from God. We know that He is with us...He is for us...and with that, there's nothing that can stand against us.

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