Saturday, June 16, 2012


we are slowly adjusting to our new "home." I don't think I knew what to expect in the first place.

It's been emotional at times.

Our truck getting here and being unloaded makes things more official...even though it is all in a storage unit. :) At least it is accessible if we need something!

At the restaurant we went to last night to celebrate being able to get out of the house after our week of stomach issues, I heard an Otis Redding song...totally made me think of my dad. And although I've talked to him several times since we've been just struck me that I miss him.

Then on our way back to Shawn & Amy's house....Bella asked to go to the "bouncy castle..." which is what she calls Kart Ranch in Youngsville...which is like 2 minutes from our house in Broussard.

Lee told her that we are far far away from the bouncy castle, and she responded that she was ready to go our house. This was the first time she really said anything like that. Lee told her that he missed our house in Broussard too...but this is our new home, and we will find fun things here.

This interaction made me cry. And yes I'm preggo, so anything can seem to make me cry...but still it shows that this is hard on everyone...

Transitions usually aren't easy. They are usually complicated and uncomfortable. And we have chosen to make this transition as a response to what God has asked us to use our gifts, talents, and abilities to start a church in an area where people are hurting but they don't want to admit that they need help.

Sis. Logan was chatting with me on Facebook the other day, and as I talked about the difficulties that we are facing, she encouraged me to remember that we've been called...that is what will get us through the tough times.

I appreciate all the prayers and encouraging texts and messages that we've received. They have come at just the right times.

We have been warmly welcomed here, which is awesome and exciting. And we are feeling much better after battling stomach bugs that just didn't want to leave...which has made our first week here different than we planned.

But we know that God is working on our behalf. That He is with us...He is for us...and with that, nothing can stand against us.

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