Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not Just Pregnant...But Feeling Very Pregnant

I've been feeling very pregnant lately. Very.

I've been able to get around and about pretty easily until now...and I can't say that I felt this way so early on in my last 2 pregnancies...It just means that I'm getting closer to the end!

I'm at 31 weeks...almost 8 months...the final trimester.

I haven't had any unusual complications, but I've had the normal complications associated with pregnancy! Aches and pains, nausea, heartburn, insomnia, trouble getting up or sitting down...

I asked my new doctor about it...and he said that it just sounds like a normal, healthy growing baby.

On the good side, I've only gained 17 pounds so far this pregnancy...the last 2 pregnancies were much higher than that at this point...and at the end...we won't even talk about that.

But, I'm also a lot more active this time around. I have 2 kids to chase around. And we moved into a 2 story house...and both bathrooms are upstairs, so I'm burning lots of calories going up and down those stairs!

But this baby girl is pretty active...she moves a lot, and of course it is when I'm trying to sleep! It's good to know that she's moving, and she's healthy...

I feel humbled and honored that God has chosen Lee & me to be the parents of another baby. My heart breaks as I hear of or read of other parents who have miscarriages, still born babies, or even lose their children at a young age. I wonder how it can happen...especially after my own early miscarriage...and if I let it, those thoughts can grip me with fear that I will lose this baby too. And honestly...I think that is part of the reason I've had such a hard time deciding on a name.

But Lee & I are trusting God for a happy, health baby. We know that God has a purpose for this child...I mean, we weren't expecting this pregnancy at all...but we are trusting Him that He knows what He's doing, and that He's going to take care of us and this child.

So, just about 9 more weeks, and we'll have another baby here! I'm filled with excitement and anticipation of what's ahead! Including announcing her sweet, little name that will fit her perfectly!


  1. Praying for you to feel His Peace. I had more worries with my third pregnancy too, but had to just trust that no matter what I am in His hand. Can't wait to see your newest little one. You have a beautiful family!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I appreciate the prayers! Your little ones are precious too!!!