Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Can Get Used to This

The weather is beautiful. Yesterday was a rainy, dreary day - which is my favorite kind of day - and the high was 55 degrees. It was amazing. I loved watching the clouds hover over the mountains...and hearing the rain...and feeling the cool breeze...and smelling the pumpkin candle I was burning...It was a gorgeous day to me...and yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It makes me look forward to the snowy days that are coming...and it is not a matter of "if," it's a matter of "when" they come!!!!

Lee has been able to work more from home. His Apple interview went great - like incredible - and there are no openings right now. They said that they like to have people "on the bench" ready when they need them, but as of now, there is nothing open...and they are not sure when there will be. That seems a little crazy to us, but there's nothing else we can do about it. He's looking into another job...and we are both confident that God is in control in this whole situation. He's providing for us.

Thankfully our friends, families, churches and businesses who have continued supporting us through this transition have helped us be able to focus on the starting the church and taking care of those needs. We are so grateful for our support team. So grateful. God has tremendously blessed us, and we know that lives are being changed in Highlands Ranch because of their love and financial support!

I've loved having Lee at home more. The kids have too. We've been able to practice music together (since I'll get to sing on the worship team when I'm not teaching in our Adventure Kids service or having a baby). He still goes out to take care of church business, but he's actually been able to take Bella or Brennan with him at times, which the kids love. And I do too.

We just feel so blessed to be here. We are really adjusting well.

Bella is so excited about our Adventure Kids Church. She loves being a part of it all!
And she loves loves loves her school. She woke up before I did this morning, and she dressed herself - cowboy boots and unbelievably cute. I love her school too. The director has been so kind and encouraging to us. It's a wonderful place. And I can usually leave Brennan with Lee when I go to drop her off...which gives me a little free time to myself.

Brennan seems to love it here too. He's communicating really well...almost too well...and he loves to be able to go into our backyard whenever he wants to play...and I love that he can. He's such a boy! He's done really well being a part of the church plant too..

The baby in my belly is quite active. I've dealt with the normal aches and pains of pregnancy, and I feel very confident in the doctors who are taking care of me. Again, another blessing here in Colorado.

God is good to us...not just when our circumstances are going good, but all the time...He is good.

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