Thursday, September 27, 2012

That's What This Church Plant Is About...

I'm going to be reviewing a new book soon...

It's about church planting...starting a new church from the ground up...which is why we moved to Colorado!

It's by Trinity Jordan...and it's called "Jesus Never Said to Plant Churches...and 12 more things they never told me about church planting..."

It really has been an adventure moving here and starting this church.

Our way of life for the first few months when we got here look totally different than it does now.

It's exciting though! It's a great adventure to be a part of.

Some weeks are busier than others - like this week...our ladies' event tonight, an outreach on Saturday...and then the normal getting things together for Sunday.

For instance...I am teaching in our Adventure Kids' Church again this weekend...and one of the games requires us to look for treasure...which is not worth as much as wisdom!

So, I went on a treasure hunt of my own for a treasure chest!!!

I found one at Goodwill - totally worth it! We'll be able to use it for more rewards and games...just fun times for our kids!!

There is a lot that goes on during our week...and some of it looks the same from week to week...and some of it doesn't!

But it's all worth it.

We had 3 people accept the invitation to become a Christ follower at church on Sunday. There are 3 more people who are celebrated by us and all of heaven because they made the decision to make Jesus their Lord and Savior!!

That is what this is about. That's why we are doing what we are doing!!

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