Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Next Sunday..."

It's been a wild week!

The launch happened so successfully...such few minor things that we will have fixed for this next Sunday.

That almost feels weird saying, "next Sunday..."

This is it. This is our new way of life. It wasn't a one time event. We'll be setting up, practicing, having service, and tearing down every week...

What I am happy to say is that this next Sunday will look a lot like last Sunday. We didn't do anything special besides a welcome announcement...but everything from kids church to our service will look pretty much the same. That's a good feeling. We know what we are doing, and people will know what to expect.

I am very proud of Lee. He did great. He's a phenomenal leader...and not just a worship leader. Just in general. He's awesome. He was able to encourage people to worship...some of whom had never been in that type of church service before.

It was amazing leading worship with him for the first service ever at Connection Church. There were several moments when I had to work hard to hold back the was an exciting, emotional experience...literally, a dream coming true right before our eyes. And we get to do this again...

I'm proud of our kids. They survived another late night and ridiculously early morning. Bella was having a bit of a meltdown at the end when we were about to leave, but for the most part she did great. It's hard on her little 4 year old body...Brennan fell asleep during service, which was wonderful...and of course he took a great nap when we got home.

I know that there are going to be some ups and downs...physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually...

It's hard at times to be prepared for the downs. It's like you don't see them coming. But staying connected to Jesus and to others will help us in those down moments. I'm glad that I don't have to face them alone....that I don't have to keep them to myself.

I'm looking forward to next Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing people return for our second service as well as those who will be there for the first time. Like I've said...this is what we came for. This is why we are here. And when those 4 people stood up to respond to the invitation for heart leaped!

God is doing great things in Highlands Ranch...this is just the beginning.

Greater things are yet to come!!

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