Thursday, July 26, 2012

Making Our House into a Home

I think we're about to buy a dining room table. I've been shopping on Craigslist...I've been looking. And I actually missed a few deals. But I think I've got one. And it's a great price.

It's the last piece of furniture that we really need for our house. The rest of it is just minor on the walls...things that really personalize it.

But everything is coming together, and it's really exciting.

And we even got a new fridge...some friends got a newer one (from Craigslist) and gave us their older one (which is only about 3 years old). And we are getting a new stove/oven range because the ancient one in here is not really cooking our food. The landlord told us when we were moving it that it could stand to be changed...and after a few unsuccessful baking/cooking tries...he's getting a newer one (this one is from the Habitat for Humanity store in Littleton...I don't think our landlord knows the power of Craigslist just yet)

It's kind of our thing...move into a house and get newer appliances :)

Anyways, we sold most of living room/dining room furniture when we moved up here, so we've had fun finding some awesome deals to replace what we needed. We love shopping at IKEA...always fun there. And usually unbelievable prices.

Lee spent a lot of time organizing the I sat on the couch and watched. It was definitely a pregnant woman I sat with my feet propped up and pointed to where a few things should go. He handled it really well!!!

Anyways, it really is starting to feel like a home. It is becoming more and more inviting...more and more of a place that I love coming home to. That's a good feeling.


  1. Looks great and Im soo loving all of the baskets!!!!! Like I told you before, go look through my artwork and let me know if you would like a pic or two and I will have it printed for you. I also want to send that Princess Phone print for Bella but didn't know what her room was done in?

    1. thanks! It's been a lot of fun. She definitely has princesses going on in her room. I thought it was going to be Hello Kitty...but she chose princesses. I'll definitely let you know about the prints. And I know that there are often Groupons and stuff to print onto canvas, which I think I'd like. Can't wait for you to come see it all!!!!