Thursday, July 19, 2012

Even When I Don't See It

This move has been a big step of faith for us. I mean, I'm not a risk taker...I'm not adventurous...I know that I need to loosen up and be more playful.

And non-adventurous people just don't move across the country...for anything...especially when nothing is really set in stone.

Can I tell you that I wouldn't really have this adventure any other way though? Ok, so maybe I wouldn't have Brennan throwing up in the car the whole way here or the rest of us getting sick the first week we were here.

But it has been amazing seeing God's faithfulness and provision. My heart is so full. So encouraged.

We've been visiting other churches in the area as we lead up to our own launch on September 9th. When I've picked my kids up from the nursery, the ladies have been so kind and encouraging. One lady who moved with her husband and child from Portland, Oregon to be a part of a church plant in Denver friended me on Facebook right there in the church. We'll probably meet up at some point to let our little ones play and encourage each other. That's amazing. That's Kingdom-minded.

I am just blown away by all that is going on right now. And what's exciting is that I know that this is not the end!!!! It's only the beginning of this adventure. And I know that God is going to do better, bigger, greater things because He has done it before...He is not going to stop now. And even if He did, I would be ok because I don't serve Him because of what He's going to do for me...I serve Him because of what He already did...He forgave me of my sins. He chose me to live an eternal life with Him. Forever. That's priceless.

I hope to stay in this atmosphere of gratitude...of expectancy for great this peace of knowing that God is taking care of me and my family. He is working things out way in advance.

When we first got here and were super sick...we didn't really get out of the house much. There's a beautiful park in this neighborhood, and we had seen signs that there would be a concert in the park on that Saturday. We decided to go, even though we really didn't feel up to it. It ended up being a ton of fun for us and the kids. There was a fun jump that Bella loved, the weather was gorgeous, and the drummer from the band gave Brennan his drum sticks.

Of course Lee talked to the guy who put the whole thing on and then the whole band, and he found out that a lot of the band members were from the south (like Alabama and Mississippi) and were now living in the Denver area. They covered a lot of songs with a lot of soul. It was just what we needed to lift our spirits. On our way back to the house, Lee was saying God must have known how much we needed that night. And it hit me, that event has probably been planned for months - even a year now - and God knew that would be our first Saturday here...and how much we would need some "comfort" from the south.

I believe that God is always working...even when I don't see it. He is doing something. Always.

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