Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

We have been living in Colorado for a little over a month now. Sometimes it feels longer, and other times it doesn't feel that long at all. It's such a huge difference from Louisiana. 

God has been extremely faithful to us during our time here. It's been amazing to sit back and watch Him work things out for us, provide for us, and just be with us. We definitely feel like we have drawn closer to Him during this time. 

There has been so much going on lately...

We've been shopping for furniture deals to replace the furniture we sold before we moved up here. We've found some amazing deals, and we are really excited about decorating our house. Most of the boxes are unpacked, and we are really enjoying our house...and the wonderful views we have from our back deck...on the swing that was left here by the previous renters.  Just amazing...

It's exciting to know that God has led us on this journey. We know that He has brought us here, and that He is with us in our comings and goings...every step that we take is ordained by Him. 

We all miss our family and friends, but it has been a lot of fun developing relationships with the people who are building this church. It's a great group of people!!

And it's awesome to be meeting new people in our neighborhood...(and to actually live in a neighborhood!) This morning, some of our neighbors brought over a sweet card and homemade brownies with nuts and butterscotch chips. Oh my word!!!!!!! The family has a 3 year old girl and a 1 year old boy...staggered with our almost 4 and almost 2 year olds. The mom is super excited about getting our kids together to play...which makes me super excited too!!! 

This is an awesome adventure that our family is getting to experience together. Priceless. 

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