Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Blakney Colorado Firsts...

We have had (and will have) a few firsts this week...

Bella's first birthday in Colorado. We've already started celebrating! She's received cards and gifts in the mail, made a birthday cake with sprinkles, and got a card and crown from her school. She's a fun age, and we are looking forward to spending the rest of the week celebrating our beautiful, fun-loving, kind-hearted little girl...well, more of a big girl now...

On Sunday, it was my first time teaching Kids' Church in Colorado...and teaching it in general in a VERY long time. It went well, and the kids were a ton of fun. I'm looking forward to teaching again this next Sunday...I've already started preparing now! I don't consider myself a conventional teacher...and I definitely want the kids involved in activities...so that's taking some planning and creativity!! But those Adventure Kids are worth every bit of it!!!

Our first Joli Women's Ministry activity is this week, too. We are going to a place called Arts on Fire. If you've ever been to a place like Painting with a Twist...it's similar to that - except this is pottery pieces and glass fusion art...you get to select the project you want to paint and then they will fire it up for you to take home. 

I'm really, really excited about this. Our ladies will have part of the studio reserved, and we'll get to laugh, paint, and just have a great opportunity to build relationships with each other. And thanks to the generosity of a friend who wanted to invest in these ladies of Colorado, Joli has a starting budget to pay for the studio space and some snacks for the ladies...each lady will just have to pay for her own pottery piece she's selected!!! And there will probably be some money left over for the next event!! That's humbling to me!!!

I'm also excited that this is just the first of many things we'll be able to do with the ladies of Connection Church. I really am looking forward to volunteering with these ladies at local places, having fun get-togethers, doing Bible studies...the possibilities are endless!!!

I know that we'll keep having more "firsts" as time goes on...our first snowfall, our first holidays here, our first baby born here in a matter of weeks...just a lot of things ahead!! And they are going to be happening in no time!!!!

And it's an adventure that I am loving...and I love it even more that I get to enjoy it all with my best friend. 


  1. Can't believe how big she is getting!! Tell her Nanny Syl said Happy Birthday!!!!

    1. thanks! I've passed it along to her :) She's such a big girl...