Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick Fil A Day

I took the kids to Chick Fil A today for lunch.

We left our house at 10:45 to get there close to 11. The line was just coming out of the least we were inside very quickly. When we left around 12, the line was wrapping around the back of the building...all the way by the drive-thru sign.

I usually don't do things like majorly go out of my way to support a cause.

I mean, it was just me and the kids. I knew the lines would be long. The play area would be crazy. It would be easier to stay at home and just go tomorrow. Or any other time. They need my support then, too.

But something inside of me knew that I needed to go today. I needed to be a part of supporting them.

I don't boycott businesses that promote homosexuality or planned parenthood or other things that I don't agree with...even if the businesses are not necessarily "religion friendly." I still buy stuff from these stores...lots of them. And I know that there are many more stores who give money to programs that don't line up with my personal values.

But I know that I do agree with the biblical principles that Chick Fil A stands for - like the sanctity of marriage.

And I wanted to be just one more person to show that I support that.

I wasn't really sure what it was going to be like here in Colorado. I know that there are conservatives here, but there are also a lot of liberals here too.

The area we are starting the church in - Highlands Ranch - is a place filled with families. And according to the statistics, they are broken families...hurting families where 2 parents are living in the same house but their marriage and family is falling a part. And I saw a lot of families at Chick Fil A today...and a lot of young moms with children. It is hard to know if they are just smiling on the outside but hurting on the inside. But I'm happy that my kids and I were a part of representing something in Highlands Ranch that we want to see. Happy, healthy marriages and families.

I already planned/budgeted to spend more time at Chick Fil A in Highlands Ranch. I even invested in a tumbler that can be filled with sweet tea for just a $1 when I bring it back next time we go. That's a good deal to me! The tumbler even says "Highlands Ranch" on it. And every time I drink out of it, I can know that I'm here to invest in the families of Highlands Ranch...the ones who need to see Jesus in me.

I believe in divine appointments set up by God. I believe that God can orchestrate me meeting someone...and it being way more than a coincidence.

Today I met Tammy. She has 3 beautiful daughters...she told me about a great preschool in the area. She started talking to me first. When I told her that we moved from Louisiana to plant a church, she was so curious about what kind of church it would be...and the girls seemed to light up as I talked about it.

I gave Tammy all the information of when the church starts...I even gave her my phone number. I'm praying that I will see Tammy and her family at Mountain Ridge Middle School on September 9th at 10 for our launch service.

But I think it would be even neater if I got to see Tammy and her girls at Chick Fil A one more time before then. That would be yet another divine appointment. And God is totally able to do that.

I am excited about all that God has in store for me...for my family...for Connection Church in Highlands Ranch...This is a great, wonderful, beautiful adventure. And part of it just happened to be spent at Chick Fil A today...

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