Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Role...

My role in life is changing...

It's a good thing...even though I'm not always good with handling change...or really the approach of change - and then I'm ok once the change arrives...if that makes any sense.

I'm about to be a mom to 3. Brennan is about to be 2, and he's definitely a toddler and not a baby anymore. I'm thankful that he still likes to cuddle with me, but when he's playing, he's so funny and silly, and he is just bursting with personality. He's definitely all boy.

Where Brennan is all boy, Bella is all girl. So girly...she loves to dress up and play with dolls...and she is becoming so much more helpful to me. She loves to help me cook and clean...most of the time...and in just one short year, she'll be in school a lot longer than her 2 day a week pre-k. It's flying by so quickly!

I know that this 3rd baby will add a whole new dynamic to our family, and we're really excited about it. Our kids play well together...they are kind and friendly, and they are going to be wonderful with this new baby.

My role in ministry is changing too... 

I'm getting to help Lee first hand on a lot of things. It may not seem like a lot, but I've been able to make him business cards and flyers to put up to find musicians. It's little things that I enjoy doing, and I've been able to do it for him to lighten his load a little. We enjoy working together, and we work well together. It's been fun being able to do this kind of stuff for him and with him.

I'm also getting to work on things for the teachers at the school we will be meeting at. It is a lot of fun for me to get to give back to teachers. It's been 5 years since I've been in the classroom, but I remember what I appreciated...and I'm getting to share that information to be a blessing to our school.

And I'm getting to plan events for the future ladies of Connection Church. This is awesome for me! I've already been researching some things to do in Highlands Ranch, and I can hardly wait for our first outing!!!!!

My role in marriage is changing too...

This is for the better. I feel really good about being involved in the church plant as much as I can...but I am loving taking care of my home...and of my husband. I love having dinner around our table at night...and keeping up with the housework hasn't seemed overwhelming at all.

Honestly, I've pressured myself before to find a way to make extra money. Tutoring, selling things, substituting, teaching...any kind of ideas to bring in an extra income. Lee has told me repeatedly that I don't need to feel that pressure...I just need to focus on taking care of our home and our kids. I think I'm starting to accept that...which is making me a better wife.

I don't think God intended for my life to remain the same. I know that He didn't. And by embracing His challenge of change, I will grow to be a better person...a better wife, mom, and minister. So even in the tough times, I can know that He is still challenging me to change in the role that He has given me.

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