Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Showing My Keurig Some Love

I love my Keurig...just love it. Ok...it's not really mine...it's Lee's. He got it for his birthday...but I have benefitted from it just as much if not more than he has! I love that I don't have to make (or waste) a whole pot of coffee...I can make a cup of coffee whenever I want or need it...

Last year we brought it down to my parents for the annual Latham family Thanksgiving. It was a huge hit!!!

Not everyone in the Latham family drinks coffee - especially not my parents. They don't dare touch the stuff.

But, of the other 50 some odd people there Thanksgiving Day (and weekend) thoroughly enjoy a good cup of coffee. We brought the K-cups (the special coffee cups with a filter that the Keurig uses) we had at our house and a huge box of the sampler (it's like 80 K-cups; 5 of each variety in the box)...and everyone who used it loved it.

Aunt Rhonda was so impressed with it that she bought one for herself and her 2 daughters (possibly her other kids too) for Christmas! And I regularly see pictures of my cousin Sylvia making fun cups of coffee with hers! 

It was a real hit...and we were thrilled to share it with everyone. It's just so neat to me that everyone can have whatever kind of drink desired - whether that be coffee, tea, regular, decaf, hot, cold...anything!

My parents still don't have one...don't want one kind of thing...but that's just pure Latham living in Buras stubbornness... :)

Part of the reason I'm thinking about this is that October is here...and next month brings Thanksgiving...which is my favorite holiday of the year. And normally we spend it in Buras...my hometown...with the crazy Latham family that I love and miss so dearly....

And because I'll be having a baby some time in the next 4-6 weeks...we aren't going to Buras this year. It's just hard to know when I'll pop this kid out...and I don't really want to plan a whole trip around that...it is too expensive and stressful trying to make that happen.

So, this year will just look different...which is a part of life...

We will enjoy Thanksgiving with the community we have here in Colorado. We may even have a visitor come in to celebrate with us!

And we will continue to enjoy our Keurig!!!

I know you may think it's kind of expensive, but once you invest in it, you'll be hooked!!!
And if you already have one, you know what I mean!!

What do you think of the Keurig???

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