Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Anticipating Labor & Delivery

I keep wondering when I'm going to wake up to contractions.

The last 2 babies happened almost the same way. I woke up at 7 am after a major event with contractions that started in my back. I knew I was in labor. The contractions happened almost every hour and a half and just kept getting closer and closer throughout the day.

With Bella it all started after Freshmen Jumpstart at UL Chi Alpha. Michele (who was helping with it because she just knew I was going to have the baby early) had triple booked herself, and she told me I couldn't go into labor until after that last Freshmen Jumpstart...and crazy enough, I went home Wednesday night after finishing it and swiping athletes in at Athletic Bible Study. I woke up the next morning in labor and had Bella about 24 hours later. Not too many pushes - about 10 minutes worth - and she was out... I did have 12 stitches with her, but my recovery was super fast.

That was a whole crazy experience in and of itself. We were moving from a 1 bedroom apt to a 2 bedroom apartment. I was literally having contractions as I vacuumed and cleaned our old apartment. Lee was moving all kinds of stuff across the parking lot...It was just insane!

Then, 2 years later, Brennan came after one of the craziest weeks of the semester at UL Chi Alpha...Welcome Week. I started having a few contractions on Friday night at our first Chi Alpha International. And I woke up the next morning in full-on labor and had Brennan about 24 hours later. For him...I knew more of what to expect. When I felt the pressure to push - which is the most unmistakable feeling in the world - I told the doctor, who had just walked into the room. She said, "OK, push when you are ready." So I did. She and Lee both said, "I see the head..." that was enough motivation for me...and 2 more pushes and he was out - with no tear this time!! And he was huge - a whole pound plus bigger than Bella! Again, my recovery was super fast! The doctor told me that was a textbook delivery - 3 pushes in 3 minutes!

Now, I keep wondering if it's all going to happen like that. I kinda expected to wake up on Monday morning with contractions...but it didn't happen.

I definitely feel more aches and pains at the end of this pregnancy than I did with the last 2. I didn't really notice the Braxton Hicks contractions before, but I'm feeling them this time!!! They are still pretty random, but they are getting longer and stronger!! I just don't want to go to the hospital for false labor!!

I am not at all looking forward to the contractions of labor. The delivery almost doesn't worry me as much as all the pain leading up to it. I know that it is temporary, and it's totally worth it...but I'm still not looking forward to the pain.

I know I will do everything in my power to not get an epidural. I have had 2 friends who have had serious nerve damage done due to epidurals...I don't want that to happen to me.

My friend Ali told me that once you make it to 7 cm dilated...it's over and any medicine taken at that point will probably take an effect after the baby is already delivered! Well, it does take me a long time to seem to get from 1 cm to 4 cm...but once I get to 4 cm, it's downhill fast for me! So, I'm going to go in with that mentality again. I appreciate the speedy recovery of a natural delivery...and now I have stairs to go up and down...so I need to feel the best that I possibly can when I get home with a new little one!!

There are a few big events this week: our first Night of Worship for Connection Church...and then our Sunday service...so if this baby can wait until next Monday...she'll be following in the footprints of her older siblings...

But if she doesn't wait...we are prepared...and it will show us a little bit of who she is...and who she's going to be :)

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