Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

It's a waiting game now.

I don't want to be induced...at all. I really want to go completely natural with this baby - just like I did for the last 2.

For the last 2 babies...I woke up around 7 am with a contraction. I knew it was a contraction, and I knew I was in labor.

So, every night I go to bed thinking, "Is tomorrow going to be the day?"

I know that the contractions are coming soon, but it's awful not knowing when!

We are pretty much ready to bring a new baby home. The clothes are washed, the sleep & play rocker is put together and ready (and Bella & Brennan have practiced with a baby doll in it), we have bottles and nuks and diapers...just enough to get us started.

I've been told that I'm huge...and then other moms who have had babies have said that I look great...

I feel good about how I look. I mean, my belly is protruding quite a bit. But I'm at the end. Soon, I'll be at least 10 pounds lighter if not more. That's a good feeling. I mean, I don't like that my belly will still be big...and it will become like jelly instead of being firm like it is now...but I'm looking forward to moving with a little more ease than I am right now!! This is just difficult!!!

It will be interesting to have a new baby at home. Brennan and Bella will be quite excited to hold, kiss, squeeze...my role will probably be more of a bouncer to keep them from crowding in too much :)

I'll keep everyone posted on how this is all going. According to my doctors, they are telling me that I'm a pro at this and I shouldn't have any worries. I hope that they are right. I'm ready for a quick, easy labor and delivery...I'm sure the delivery part will fall under that category...so I'm just praying that the labor will be quicker.

You can be sure that I'll have it on Twitter and Facebook when I start having contractions...and definitely will put when we are on the way to the hospital. Plus, there will be pictures once Baby Blakney #3 has entered the world.

It's just for now, we have to hurry up and wait...

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