Friday, October 5, 2012

4 Things on My House Wish List...

We are thinking about buying the house we are renting.

Here's a wish list of what I want to do if we do buy it...

1) Paint it! - inside and out.
The outside of the house is like 3 different colors and was poorly painted. The inside has a lot of patched holes, and it just needs a fresh coat of paint to make all of the difference. I can't wait to pick colors and actually make this house look more like a home.

2) Install a gas fireplace.
Yes, there are lots of installed-after-the-house-is-built fireplaces here in this neighborhood. It would require a professional and some time, but it would be sooooo worth it! I have always dreamed about having a fireplace (it was one of my favorite features of our house in Broussard - and now it's more of a necessity here than something just for fun!) But to be able to have a beautiful fire and warmth at the flip of a switch...yes, please! Something to save up for once the house is ours!

3) Add on to the back deck...
This will have to wait until the spring now. But we love, love, love the view we have from our back deck. It's gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to add on to the deck a little to have a table outside so we can eat out there during the times that it's not snowing. Right now our swing outside is perfect for relaxing, but I'd just like to have a little more room.

4) Install wood floors.
I love wood floors. So much more than carpet. I know that wood floors will be colder during the winter, but I'm so tired of spills on our carpet, and we have many more years of potential spills ahead of us. And I just love the look of wood floors.

So, that's just a few things I'd like to do to this house...if we do end up buying it. We are prayerfully considering that right now.

We feel like God has strategically placed us in this house and in this neighborhood. I mean, we're 4 doors down from Shawn & Amy, which is a fun, huge blessing!

And our neighbors across the street seem to reach out to us more than we reach out to them! We love this community that we're living in...and we are believing for God to make a way for us to get this house. I know we have been given divine connections here.

I am not at all opposed to renting...there are many benefits to renting (like when something breaks and we aren't responsible for paying for it) and knowing that we can't do these things to the house while we rent. But our landlord is ready to sell the house...whether it's to us or not!

We will see how it all works out. I'm not panicking at the moment...I'm living in confidence knowing that God is in control...He knows what is best for us...and He knows the desires of our heart...including my wish list for this house!


  1. Wood floors look simply elegant. These are easier to clean as well, just don't use much water on it. On the other hand, it is necessary that you choose the right company for your wood floor installation. Having the right services can help you achieve an aesthetic looking and really clean job in your floor installation.

    1. yeah, my husband and I were talking about paying the extra to have it installed when we do get it!!

      We had OLD wood floors at our last rent 60 years old. I loved using Orange Glo on them...they would look great and smell amazing!!!! :)

      Thanks for the comment!! I'm looking forward to some elegant wood flooring!!! :)