Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Look, Mom, I'm the Grinch"

Being a parent is interesting.

Lee & I are responsible for shaping and molding 2 little individuals...soon to be 3.

We want our kids to grow up confident and compassionate...loving God and loving people.

And our actions shape our kids...but so do our reactions.

When Bella says something that we don't want her to say...how we react will determine her future actions.

Well, today I was putting Brennan down for a nap. This is usually a 20 minute ordeal, and often it is longer because Bella interrupts and wakes him up...but today she didn't.

I knew that she was coloring, and has been fascinated with coloring her hands to make artwork.

Well, she took it a step further today.

She walked into my room and quietly said, "Look, Mom, I'm the Grinch..."

I didn't know what to say...but all I could do was laugh.

She was covered in green marker...one arm, her face, her lips, even the bottom of her feet.

Thankfully it is a washable marker - whoever invented those are geniuses!!

I didn't fuss at her. I laughed with her. I told her she was very creative...and it's not good to color yourself - let's stick to paper.

She's a creative little girl. She loves coloring and glueing and glittering things.

And she's a good little girl. She didn't do this out of spite or defiance.

And I want to foster that creativity instead of make her cringe every time she sees a marker.

So, I just will have to keep a closer watch on her when there are markers on the loose!

She looks sad in this picture, but I had just taken the marker away...and she was being the Grinch, who is a sad man.

It wasn't much longer and she was in the tub, and it washed off super easy...although she did want to stay like this until her daddy got home.

She had a blast...and it was a good laugh...

And I know it won't be the last time she gives me a good, creative shock.

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