Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bella's Busted Mouth

Bella had a little accident over the weekend. She tripped over a ball and landed with her mouth hitting the piano bench. It didn't bust her lip, thankfully, so there wasn't blood everywhere. But a bottom tooth and a top tooth were knocked around, and her top lip was super swollen.  Lee & I weren't home when it happened, and our fabulous babysitters were traumatized as well.

I didn't think to call Dr. Mahoney on Saturday when it happened, but after it was suggested to me, I got in touch with him on Sunday. He (and his whole family) are such wonderful people. They really are. I've admired them for the almost 5 years that we've been in Lafayette. 

He told me that as long as the tooth wasn't discolored, and there wasn't a cyst looking thing on her gum line, there wasn't much that could be done. And if she lost the teeth, at least they are not permanent...she would just be without teeth for a few extra years. He said he'd see her on Monday or Tuesday to do x-rays if needed. 

Sunday afternoon, Bella was pretty nauseated from not eating or drinking, and so after a frustrated session of me trying to get liquids in her so that she wouldn't dehydrate, she threw up all over me. 

The joys of being a mom.

She took a nap, and when she woke up, she ate a whole Hershey chocolate bar and started drinking a lot of water. 

Brennan was congested and ended up coughing ALL of Sunday night, so I called the pediatrician to make an appointment for him...and I got a dentist appointment for Bella on Tuesday.

Our pediatrician, Dr. Bruno, is also a wonderful man. He is very kind and compassionate, and I never feel like he's rushed when he sees us. And I don't feel ridiculous for taking my kids in for something that may seem insignificant. 

He first examined Belle...the doll from Beauty and the Beast who accompanied us to the doctor's office because, according to Bella, she had fever. 

He said Belle hadn't had breakfast yet, and that's why she was sick. 

Then he checked Brennan's ears, nose, throat and lungs, and said his congestion was due to teething and gave us a prescription for an antihistamine. I'm thankful he didn't have another ear infection because he would be getting tubes in his ears if he did. 

He also looked at Bella's mouth. He said his daughter had done a similar thing playing on a slide. He said she just missed busting her lip completely, which would have resulted in a lot of blood. I'm so thankful that it wasn't more traumatic than it already was!!

On Tuesday, Lee took Brennan to work with him. Brennan was sooooo excited about riding in Lee's truck. It was precious. 

Bella and I made it to the dentist office, and they saw us very quickly. Dr. John was so sweet with Bella. She didn't cry or anything. They gave her some cute little sunglasses to wear while the light was on her face. He even said the sunglasses matched her outfit (which I told him his girls would be proud of - especially Joi!) 

He said that x-rays were not even needed. The teeth looked fine. Just to watch for cysts. He put me as such ease. He even checked my teeth while I was there! :) 

I'm so thankful to be taken care of by such wonderful medical professionals. Both of these doctors care for their patients inside and outside of their offices. They are good men who are making a difference in their communities, whether they are aware of it or not!

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