Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Celebration of Discipline:: Prayer Results

It's the last Tuesday of the month of March...

Time for the results of my Celebration of Discipline Prayer Action Plan...

Boy, that was a mouthful...

I feel like I did a lot better on the "Flash Prayers..." 

When I did get out of the house...usually at the grocery store...I said a quick prayer for the people I passed. 

Mostly, I found myself saying "Flash Prayers" for people as I thought of them throughout the day. Either a post on Facebook or Twitter...thinking of a friend who is starting a new job...someone who I knew wasn't feeling well...anyone who came to mind, I would say a quick prayer for them...even sometimes not knowing what exactly to pray. I still prayed.

I didn't intentionally bless my children as I held them every single day like I wanted to. (But I am so thankful that I do get to hold all 3 of my babies at some point every day!!!) This is something I definitely want to get better at. 

I want to speak a blessing over them...outloud...every day.

Bella goes to school 2 days a week...and for most of the month, I was able to hug her and bless her as she started her day...whether at home before Lee took her, or before I left her in the classroom with her teacher. 

I do enjoy holding my babies so much...and often at night when tucking them in bed, I find myself praying a blessing over them...over their futures...over their future mates...

But I would love to get into a habit of just randomly blessing them when I have the chance...praying for them as I watch them play...any time of the day...and just holding them and speaking life over them...because I know the days of snuggling will never be the same as they are now!

So, I do want to keep working on this area of prayer in my life. My babies are so precious to me...I pray for them daily, but I don't feel like it is enough...I want them to experience an abundantly blessed life!!!!

Next week I will be back to share my action plan for the next chapter on fasting. And although I am still breastfeeding a baby and may not be able to do a food fast, there are many other things in my life that I can fast!!! I'll let you know next Tuesday about that!!

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  1. That is amazing. You are taking really good care of them. They will grow up just fine. Your family is so blessed. And oh, the dino and the fairy are so cute.