Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Celebration of Discipline: Prayer Action Plan

In this chapter on prayer, Richard Foster said, "Real prayer is life changing and life creating (page 33)." 

I want my life to be changed. And I believe prayer is a wonderful way to change it. And I know that as much as I believe in the power of prayer, I don't believe enough because I often do not pray like I believe it. 

Foster says that we must learn to pray. Prayer is a constantly developing discipline in my life. Learning and growing...a consistent, healthy prayer life doesn't happen overnight. 

I actually have 2 actions that I'm going to go for...and they are simple enough that I don't feel I am over extending myself. 

1. "Flash prayers" - this was developed by Frank Laubach. Foster says, "Flashing hard and straight prayers at people is a great thrill and can bring interesting results." I will say a quick prayer for people as I see them...whether I know them or not. It may be as simple as "Lord, let Your joy rise up in them now." But I will be praying for them!!

2. Blessing my children. 
I pray for my children daily...even multiple times throughout the day. Sometimes out loud, other times quietly...but I don't take them in my arms every day and bless them. 
So, every morning, as we start our days, I will take my children in my arms and speak a blessing over them out loud. 

How can you grow in the area of prayer in your life? 


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE #2. What a great way to be intentional! Loving on them while praying a blessing over them.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blog! So glad you did. Now following along :) LOVE Celebration of Discipline.