Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Different Worlds

It's days like today where I could easily feel left out.

Lee and I have chosen to do ministry together. We are a team.

But we are also a family.

I gained some encouragement from a friend of mine who is also in ministry along side her husband...and they have 5 kids under the age of 8...

I asked her how she dealt with the "being left out" feelings.

She told me that it was hard. She really had to view their family as a team, and her husband was the one who will often be the representative for their team right now while her little ones are still little and she was at home with them. 

She can't be at every function of the church, although she wants to. And she knows that in a short time, she will be able to be there alongside of him...working together in the same place at the same time...

But for now, they have 2 different worlds to take care of.

So, while Lee is at Cafe Chi Alpha, sharing his heart with the student leaders that we love...I'm at home sharing my heart with the children that we love.

And I'm happy and grateful that my heart is at peace with this decision.

Yes, it is a choice. I choose to stay home. I choose to keep our kids. It is a choice that Lee and I have made together. We have chosen to make a lot of sacrifices, but we know that each and every sacrifice is worth it.

I was almost in tears the other day as I realized that, if we really wanted, we could enroll Bella in pre-k next fall...5 days a week...a full day of school every day...just months from now. I'm not ready for that. It seems like it hasn't been that long ago that we were bringing her home from the hospital, scared out of our minds!

And before I know it, both of my babies will be in school. And just like the other moms who have grown children, I will be longing for these days again.

I want to enjoy this time. There's no use in being bitter or angry over being "left out" of getting to hang out with the coolest students on the planet...because even though those guys and girls are very special to me, Lee & I have 2 different worlds to take care of, and mine is at home.


  1. Love you, Bri! I know the feeling, and you are very wise to put your precious family first! One thing I have to constantly remind myself of is the fact that my family will be there long after the ministry in any given place is done. They are my first and foremost calling, but how the call to ministry is so close to my heart and how I so often feel torn between the two! Thanks for being so encouraging on your blog!