Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goals for the New Year

Sure, you can make goals any time of the year...

But the new year brings a fresh sense of desire for accomplishment.

Things I didn't do last year that I wanted to do...

Things I did last year that I don't want to do...

The new year is a perfect time for change.

Everyone is in the mode for it...so there is a greater sense of motivation - if you are open to it.

Here are a few things I want to accomplish (and by the way, having them here gives me a greater chance of seeing them at a later time and remembering that I want to do these!):

1) I want to cook at home more.

My goal is 4 times a week...Sunday through Wednesday...
Thursdays are crazy for us since Lee doesn't get home until late that night, and Fridays we eat international food...and Saturdays are open to eating at home or eating a special meal out...or grilling burgers...

And I want to cook a variety of things - not just the same thing. So, my friend Megan and I are going to make calendars with our meals planned out for our families...this is going to be a fun project for me...I just need to stick to it!

2) I want to have a yard sale.

I have a TON of stuff that we are not using anymore. It's way more than something to drop off at the donation center...it's a lot of stuff...mostly baby stuff. So, we're going to price it to get rid of it, and hopefully have a lot of fun doing this together. We already have a jump start on getting things out of the house...it will just be a matter of organizing it all and making the yard sale happen. But I will do this soon.

3) I want to read 1 book per month.

With my new Kindle, this shouldn't be hard. I'm loving reading again. But, as life continues to move on, I want to continue this rekindled (pun intended) love for reading. I want to develop myself as a better person. Readers = Leaders

4) I want to organize my home.

This kinda goes along with the yard sale. I am ready to declutter everything...have a place for everything...and get rid of what is not used. I know that this will not happen overnight, and honestly, this one will not be as easy as reading one book a month. This one is going to stretch me. I'm going to continue looking for creative, inexpensive ways to organize things in our home. I want the clutter out...and I want to form habits to keep it out!

5) I want to spend 10 minutes of day worshiping God...consistently

As I type this, it seems like it's not enough. But for me...it would be glorious! I don't have much time to myself during the day...so I will have to do this before or after my kids wake up or go to sleep. I will have to be intentional about this as a mom and a wife...I know as my kids get a little older, I will be able to continue to do this while they are awake, but to have an uninterrupted worship time, I need to do this while they sleep. I want them to see me reading my Bible, journaling, and worshiping. That is important to me. But...I can't hardly read 2 verses in my Bible right now without having to get up to take something out of Brennan's mouth or keep the 2 of them from hitting each other over a toy (when there are thousands of toys at our house for them to play with!!).
I believe this one goal will change the atmosphere of my home (as well as my attitude) more so than any other goal that I have.

So, here they are...a few of my goals...

They are realistic for me, and I know that these are areas where I need to improve. And honestly, I don't want to set myself up for failure with unrealistic goals that are so lofty I don't have a chance to accomplish them. This is where I'm at in my life today.
Hopefully 12 months from now I will have formed these into wonderful habits in my life and I'll be ready to take on a few more in 2013!!

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