Monday, January 9, 2012

Gaining Knowledge & Wisdom...

Lee got me a kindle for Christmas. I've always loved to wouldn't be anything for me (before I had kids) to stay up all night to finish a book.

I could easily get involved in the Christian fiction books that I read. At some points, I would cry, and Lee would walk in and just shake his head. I couldn't help it! There is power in words!

Then Lee & I did the Chi Alpha internship, and I was required to read a lot....I mean, a whole lot. Several books/sections of books/per month. It was a lot. I had a list of books that I would read after the internship.

And after the internship I had Bella. And to be honest, I haven't had a desire to read in my free time since then. There were so many other things that needed to be done in the time that I would be spending with a book. Even with Brennan, it is hard to read. I don't like the constant interruptions of having to get up to make sure he doesn't keep the things he is not supposed to have.

But, I'm starting to read more. And I'm enjoying it. And it's not the Christian fiction that I used to consume.

I'm reading books that are helping me grow...

I don't mind fiction books. It's great for the escape and the entertainment. And I know that it also helps increase my vocabulary, which is always a plus for Scrabble games and Words with Friends.

But, I am thoroughly enjoying the spiritual challenges that I'm taking in.

[One of my favorites right now is I Want to Live These Days with You... which is a daily devotional from collections of the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I'm loving it!! It's a short excerpt that is great to read in the morning and be able to chew on it the rest of the day.]

When I was pregnant with Bella, I remember asking God to let her have a love for books and reading. God has honored that prayer. Bella loves to read books, to have books read to her, and her books are precious to her. She doesn't write on them or color them...and her favorite ones have obvious worn signs...

And I know that her love for reading will continue to grow as she sees her daddy and I are reading. And I want Brennan to develop that same passion too.

The Bible talks a lot about knowledge and wisdom. I heard it explained as knowledge is what you gain from learning, and wisdom is when you use the knowledge you have gained.

So, if I am going to be wise, I need to gain knowledge and use it!! And I believe that my new Kindle is going to be a great tool in helping me do that!!


  1. Awesome! Welcome to the world of Kindle! :-)

  2. Welcome to the Kindle Family! Great post. I think all readers go through various seasons where we crave one type of reading over another. There have been times when I've had nothing but a voracious appetite for absorbing information from nonfiction books, and other times where I just want to read good writing, regardless of genre, and yet other times where I long for the power of great spiritual books to challenge me and help me grow in love for God. One lesson I've learned over the years is that a great book, whether fiction or nonfiction, is so much more than mere escape or entertainment. Enjoy those nonfiction books while the appetite for them lasts, but also remain open to a day in the future in which your cravings might return to fiction and the uniquely transformational power of a great story. :)