Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tummy Troubles

It's amazing what you can do for your kids...it's things I wouldn't naturally do for anyone else.

A stomach bug hit our family this weekend. We don't know if it was from something that we ate or what. Bella got sick on our way to Houston. We were heading there for my cousin Braden's wedding - which Lee was performing the ceremony. It was the first time that she could communicate that her tummy hurt. (It's kinda nice to be at this stage - when she cries, she can explain why she's crying. Much better than trying to figure it out on my own!!) She required an outfit change on the way there, but then she seemed fine.

On Saturday, Brennan threw up after every feeding. Immediately after the feeding, so it ended up on me. Thankfully we were able to go by my Uncle Oscar's house to wash clothes because even with the extras, we were running out of them fast!! His tummy seemed to calm down later during the day, but still threw up at 4 am on Sunday and again 4 am at home Monday.

Lee and I both had some of our own issues during the weekend, and thought we were getting rid of it...

Then Monday night Bella's tummy was still not settled, and she threw up on me. She doesn't throw up...she's only vomited like 5 times in her 2+ years of life. This was very upsetting for her.

Fun times.

I can tell you that I'm thankful for an amazing husband who helped clean me and the kids up. Both of us were not really feeling well ourselves and are not fans of vomiting....ok, I don't really know who is...but some handle it better than others. I am usually the one who starts gagging when I see, hear, or smell vomit. Lee does too. But, we were able to clean up our kids and move on. Like I said, it's amazing what you can do for your kids.

The bug seems to be leaving our house today. I plan on helping it by doing something else that I dislike - cleaning! :) I don't mind though...I don't want any trace of this being around our house.

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  1. Go Lee! I don't do vomit ~ that's Chris's job and he always handles it. That's how you know you have a good hubby ~ lol!

    Hope you all feel better soon!!!