Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grateful When I Don't Want to Be...

Here it is Thankful Thursday...supposed to be working on my attitude of gratitude...and I'm stressed out. I can't find my keys. The last time I remember using them was driving to church on Friday night for the Celebration of Marriage banquet. I don't remember anything after that. Brennan was screaming on the way there. I was frazzled. I got the kids out of the car and that was that. I had dropped Lee off earlier, so when we left the church, we used his keys.

Then we left for District Council...I didn't have my keys but didn't need them because Lee had his. So, it's almost been a week since I've used them, and finding them is the great mystery. I'm stressed. I don't feel grateful. All I want to do is cry. And it is not just because of the keys...that's just an additional thing to stress about.

I know that God can help me find my keys. He helped me find my ring when it was lost. I think about the parable of the woman who lost a coin. And then when she found it, she rejoiced greatly. I know that this is just a frustration right now...but it is just keys. I can praise God even when my keys are not in the million places that I've looked...and I have to keep looking for the million and one....or two or three.

I am thankful that I have a car that works...and I have a key. I'm not stuck at home. I'm thankful that I have a husband who is concerned about my keys and all of the other things that I've lost since we've been married...and he is patient with me. I know he gets frustrated with me, but he's still patient with me.

I have so much more to be thankful for. The keys will turn up. If they don' will still move on. I'll still be able to drive my vehicle. The faithfulness of God is not determined by if my keys show up or not. He's still faithful to me...And for that I am grateful.

But, if you see a set of keys....

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