Saturday, February 13, 2016

A 4 Week Difference...

It's hard to believe that just a little over 4 weeks ago we were packing up in the snow and ice with mountains as our background. 

Now I am looking out a window at a beautiful yard with a mud puddle in the driveway that my children get excited about it filling back up!  

In some ways it feels like we've been here longer than a month. 

We've been able to reconnect with some amazing friends who live in this area or close enough to make a drive to see us. 

We had my niece spend the whole weekend with us our first weekend here! The girl cousins were thrilled with all that time together!!

We've been able to go to my mom and dad's house together as a family...something we haven't done in 2 and a half years (thanks to my husband's selfless sacrifices of sending me to my parents for Thanksgiving for 2 years). 

We've been able to spend time with another homeschooling family who has a daughter the same age as Bella! Jenelle has been an amazing resource to me - even before we started homeschooling, I picked her brain about her experiences since she's successfully homeschooled 5 children! She has encouraged me as we were 1300 miles apart, but now that we are in the same neck of the woods, being around her and her awesome kids makes me feel so much more normal. 

We are going to continue homeschooling for the remainder of this year and then assess where we will go from there. We've already been welcomed into local co-ops, field trips, play dates, and we attended a Valentine's Day party last week!! 

Lee is doing well at the Apple Store at Lakeside!! We are both so thankful that he has a job that he loves. He gets to be himself...the man I love. The man who loves people until it hurts. 

It is so refreshing. 

All of it. 

I look forward to what is ahead because I do believe the best is yet to come. 

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