Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Where Does My Worth Come From?

I used to check the stats of my blog every single day. 

Multiple times a day. 

I don't know why it made me feel good to see those numbers climb up. Or feel bad when they didn't! 

I guess it gave me a sense of value. It made me feel important if people liked what I wrote. 

I struggle with finding my value from external things instead of internally from God. 

It's harder for me to find my worth in Christ and who I am in Christ and not in the things that I do. 

Who I am is enough. 

Not what I do. 

But, like I said, that is a real struggle for me! 

Becoming a professional, full-time blogger did NOT pan out for me. 

And I am thankful that my worth is not in a blog. I am thankful that I didn't pressure myself to do this to make it big. haha. 

It's definitely a hobby for me. Something that I enjoy when I have the time or the inspiration. 

I don't usually mull over a blog post. I like to just sit and write it in about 10 minutes...proof it, then publish it! 

Again. There is no pressure so I enjoy it! 

God is always wanting to work in us, and He is always wanting to work through us. 

He wants me to find my worth and my value in Him...not in what I do or do not do. 

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