Thursday, March 5, 2015

Focused and Determined

What are you committed to doing? 

It takes commitment and focus to make things happen. 

If we leave things in our lives up to "chance," there is no guarantee that these things will happen. 

But, with commitment, determination and focus, you will make things happen. 

What is not in your life now that you would like for it to be there? 

And just as importantly, what is in your life right now that you don't want for it to be there? 

I challenge you to get a journal and write these things down. 

And don't just close the journal and never look at it again. 

Look at this list every day. 


What you focus on will happen.

If it is not on your mind regularly, you won't be focusing on making those things happen. 

Don't put off for tomorrow what you are able to do today! 

So, as I am finishing writing this blog, I am going to get my calendar and look at my lists. They are not just in my journal, they are in my planner as well. And something I will do tomorrow will help me move closer to getting the things I want in life and getting rid of the things that I don't! 

I am focused and determined. 

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