Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Should have...

Could have...

Would have...

These statements haunt me.

They are stifling to me. Make my mind go in circles. A lot of circles.

And I live in this imaginary world of embarrassment and humiliation when I am going in these circles...even though no one is aware of it!! It doesn't matter to anyone else. No one else is thinking that I should have/could have done something differently than the way I did it...and even if they are, it's not a big deal!!

Yet, I allow these words to stop me.

It's that thing of me having to feel like I'm perfect. I just need to get over myself. And that is easier said than done.

I trap myself, though, by focusing either on the past or the future. It causes me to take my eyes of off what is happening now.

Sure I can change things next time around, but I don't need to focus on it to remember it...or spend my time waiting for that next time to come around.

Today is calling me. I am still growing, changing, developing, learning...

I cannot go back to change something that has taken place.

I cannot zoom ahead either.

I have to live today. I want to live today - I don't want to miss out on it.

Dr. Best (a psychologist) once told me that I need to lighten up. To not be so serious. To play more.

I waste so much of my time taking myself too seriously. I really do need to loosen up. There's too much happening around me that I need to start enjoying.

So, I will leave my imaginary world of embarrassment and humiliation and embrace today.

(I didn't realize Dr. Les Parrott had an audio book about this!! - may be looking into it soon!!!)


  1. Bri, you always speak to my heart with your post. Do you use the library to get the books you read?

    1. thanks Jess! No, I have been using my kindle. I've gotten some free books on it...and I've bought a few too. they are mostly under $10 when I buy them. I haven't linked up yet, but I am going to link my kindle with the local library to borrow books on it. It was a great investment!