Sunday, February 6, 2011

Made It Through the Sickness

It has been a rough 2 weeks. A bacterial virus and the flu hit our house hard. Antibiotics, breathing treatments, other medicines, vitamins, anything to make things better. Thankfully I didn't get sick. My new friend (via internet through the women's ministry at Crossroads) Carlie, told me that the sickness hit her house, but she didn't get sick. So, with that boost of faith, I believed it too. Now, I did have some congestion issues and my voice sounded like Tyren Snyder's (imagine James Earl Jones) one or two days, but that was the worst of it for me.

Bella doesn't do sick well. She's a high maintenance girl. She cried when she had to take her medicine. She didn't want to take a bath, which is very unusual for her. All she wanted was to be held. That's hard when there is also a 5 month old who likes to be held because he's not feeling good...and a husband who likes to be held too when he doesn't feel good.

We managed it, though. We made it. This stage of life is quite difficult at times. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting used to it, and then I realize that I'm not. It's hard having 2 little babies at home. When people ask if we want to have any more kids, I want to look at them like they are crazy. Of course I don't want to have any more kids right now. I feel like I'm barely making it as a mom right now with 2 much less with anything else to take care of. I think it would be different even 2 years from now...Bella could be in school. Brennan would be 2. Much different.

Right now, I'm working on taking care of this family of 4. We made it through our first series of major sickness everyone going to the doctor. I stayed healthy - major miracle there. I am thankful that it hasn't been worse. Every night we pray for happy, healthy babies. So far, God has really answered that prayer beyond my expectations. Sometimes I feel like I should have more faith. I am surprised when God answers my prayers. :)

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