Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Few Things in Life that I'm Enjoying...

I'm enjoying the weather right now...the days may be a little hot, but the evenings are absolutely perfect. Sometimes I even need a sweater as we sit on the's beautiful. 

I'm enjoy Lee's work schedule. It's wonderful getting to spend time with him when we do. 

I'm enjoying my Nike Fuelband. Lee & I both have one...we got them for our birthdays. We each have our own "fuel points" goals, and we are working towards meeting those every day. My goal stretches me...I have to do something extra to hit it...It's a great common interest for us...we are able to keep each other motivated as we work towards meeting our fitness goals. I am working towards having a 3 day streak!!

I'm enjoying my new Pampered Chef products. I am happy to be a new Pampered Chef Independent Consultant...and I am having a blast setting up shows on Facebook and in homes. 

I hosted my first party at my house last night. We had a salsa making contest using my new products. It was sooooo fun!!! I am looking forward to getting more comfortable with the process. Next week, I have a "Date Night" cooking show scheduled with a friend from college who lives here in Colorado...and we'll have the salsa making contest again!!! So fun!

I'm enjoying my kids. It is a demanding season, but our home is full of noise (sometimes good...sometimes not so good...), love, and laughter. Yes, there are many messes...and sometimes I feel trapped in the monotony of day to day things...but I know I will look back, and life will never be like it was when I had 3 little ones at home. 
(From when I began writing this post, Breelee pulled up on the couch...and not long after I picked her up, she fell asleep on me. These are sweet moments that don't last forever!)

I'm enjoying my church. Connection Church is a wonderful place that connects people with God and with each other. Megan, a young lady who has been coming to our church recently told me, "I've found nothing that can compare to the genuineness of what's happening in that auditorium." That's so awesome! And I get to be a part of that!! It really is a beautiful thing. 

What are some things that you are enjoying right now?

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  1. Hey Bri! I'm saying hi back from your sweet comment on my blog hop a week ago. I am following you back:). It's so awesome you live in Denver- me too! Where is your church? So excited to meet you! Keep in touch- I love meeting new friends!