Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some People Need an Audience...

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. I don't think I could have imagined all that we would have gone through during these past 8 years.

We've definitely been with each other for better or for worse...

In good times and in bad...

In sickness and in health...

We've shared a lot of joys and sorrows together.

It's hard imagining life without him. He's a part of me. We are a team. We have the joy of spending life together. We have the joy of sharing the good times and walking along side each other in the harder times of life.

And we are better for it. He brings out the best in me. He makes me shine so bright. I feel like I do the same for him.

We went to RUI (Reach the University Institute) a few years ago before we began our internship with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.
One of our assignments there was to create a dorm program for the students who would be attending part of that week. My group's dorm program revolved around the "Easy button." We had different topics that a few of us talked about, and since I was married, they asked me to talk about relationships.

I used my own as an example...and talked about how important it is to be yourself in the relationship.

"Some people need an audience. My husband Lee is one of them, and I get to be his audience."

I can't tell you how many times I've heard that repeated about me and Lee - and it has been 4 years since I said it! The people who have heard it love it...and to be honest, it is because they know how true it is.

We are a perfect complement to each other's life...

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