Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Getting My Attention

Brennan is 2 months old now. He's so big for his age...well, compared to how big Bella was at this age. I know he's going to pass her up sooner than later.
His personality is really starting to develop. He has a great that will just melt you right where you're at. He's starting to make a lot more noises - not fussy noises - he's just trying to talk. One thing Lee and I have both noticed, he does things to get our attention. Lee actually noticed it first. He was holding Brennan as we were talking one evening. Brennan began to make a noise and stopped and smiled once Lee looked at him. He was so content to have Lee look him in the eyes. Lee looked away and the sounds came back until Lee looked at him again.
Brennan has done this a few times now. It's really precious. He wants me to look at him. Bella didn't have to compete for attention when she was this age, but he does. Not bad competition; there are just a lot of things going on now compared to when Bella was a newborn. He doesn't fuss much at all though, even to get our attention. He's found another way to do that.

I wonder what God does to get my attention. There are a lot of distractions around me, so I wonder what He does to get me to look at Him. I know that He is pursuing me and waiting for me to respond. And I'm sure He feels like Brennan does when I do look at Him. Love, warmth, joy...I'm glad I don't have to compete to get His attention. It's always available to me. I just need to respond.

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