Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stop Growing!!! A Reflection of My Growing Babies in 2014!!

My kids are growing so quickly!!! 

Bella is learning to read, and she's doing a fabulous job! It is getting to the point where Lee and I can't spell things out to each other anymore because she will know what we are talking about. 

She's a pro at riding her bike. She makes friends super easily, and she loves playing with the kids on our street. She still loves to sing and dance, and life is definitely better for her when she has an audience! 

She is an adventurer! She loves being outside and playing in the snow!! When we are ready to take the task of taking 3 kids up to the mountains, we are going to get her snowboarding lessons! 

Brennan is all boy! His curiosity is piqued from Bella learning to read, so he's interested in learning his letters and sounds for now. 

He loves all things ninja turtles, and he can often be found with swords in the back of his shirt. It's quite entertaining! He looks forward to his dad getting home from work so that he can begin fighting and wrestling with someone who will fight back and he won't get in trouble for it! 

He is a mischievous little boy, and I absolutely love it!

He is so different from Bella in so many ways, and learning what works with him keeps me on my toes. 

Breelee is a hot mess. She LOVES to make people laugh. She's super silly and sweet. She loves Minnie Mouse and wants anything that her older siblings are playing with. She has an amazing vocabulary, and she seems to talk non-stop! 

She is pretty much out of the breath-holding spells. It's been a very long time since she's had one...and the threat of them happening are pretty rare...usually just when she gets hurt...which is rare! She's a tough cookie!

We are so blessed to have happy, healthy babies!
They get along well (most of the time) and love each other very much.

Bring on 2015!!! 

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