Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Tired Mommy

I feel like I'm just dragging.

Just can't seem to keep up with anything.

Laundry is piling up - clean and dirty piles alike!!

The sink never seems empty...

And at times it feels very overwhelming.

I keep reminding myself that this is just a season...but sometimes it is hard to remember to remind myself that!

I remember seeing one of my friends with 4 little ones use the hashtag #sleepdeprived...and now I am definitely right there with her. I am definitely feeling sleep deprived!!

It is hard to make sound decisions when I am lacking sleep.

It is hard for me to keep a positive attitude when I am lacking sleep.

It is hard for me to have patience with anyone - even my kids - when I am lacking sleep.

So, how do I fix that? I cannot just take a nap whenever I want to...There's not a time to "sleep when the baby sleeps" right now...

So, I have to spend time in prayer...and this may just be a brief moment!! There is power in spending a moment with God...He knows the value of my time, and I know He appreciates my recognition of Him...and my need for Him to be with me!!

I try journal when I can. If Breelee is asleep, I'm usually able to do this...even if it means getting paper and pens for the older two to write along with me...
birthday party fun!!
Turning music on in our house helps too. It can definitely change the atmosphere...and my attitude.

I also am trying to take a deep breath before I say anything when my kids do something they aren't supposed to. This is not always my first reaction, but I would like for it to become it!!!

I am also trying to enjoy life with my kids. I want them to have good, positive memories of their childhood...

This is just a different, demanding season of life. I know it will go by quickly...and I don't want to spend all my time rushing and wishing for the next season to happen.

I want to enjoy matter how tired I am!!

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