Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hearing the Heartbeat

I had my first OB check up today. Once the doctor got in the room with us, it was a short, quick visit. 

The exciting thing was that we got to hear the heartbeat. The nurse warned us that it's still early enough in the game that we may not hear the heart, but if we didn't we would go to the next room to have an ultrasound. 

But there was no need for that...we heard a strong, 150 bpm heartbeat!! 

Dr. Hardey said everything looked issues...which is all very comforting. It's good to know that I'm ok and this baby is ok. 

Brennan was in the room with me & Lee to hear the heartbeat. I wish I could have seen his face when he heard it. For the few minutes after that while we were talking to the doctor, Brennan wanted me to hold him...and then he lifted his shirt a little with one hand, and with the other pointed to the doppler. It was precious. Dr. Hardey said it wouldn't hurt him to do it...but I told Brennan that he didn't have anything in his belly...

For almost 9 years now, we've prayed for happy, healthy babies. This is a huge time of trust for me. I want to believe so badly that God is going to answer our prayers. 

I do not want doubt to get the best of me. 

I'm not really looking forward to going through the labor & delivery again. Mostly the labor. Those are some intense pains. And I know I could have an epidural, but I've had a few friends who have had horrible nerve damage done because of epidurals...and I know that I can do this just hurts. 

But, it's worth it. There will be another beautiful Blakney baby added to our family. Bella says that it's a boy. We'll find out the first week of June if she's right or not. :) 

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